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Types of Matters We Mediate

Our Philosophy

Liability Claims - Personal injury claims such as auto accidents, slip and falls, premises liability, property damage and product liability claims.

Workers' Compensation Claims - Injuries to employees which occur at the jobsite or during the work day.  Many of these can also include liability claims against third parties other than the employer, who may be responsible for the injury. 

Insurance Coverage and Insurance Premium Disputes - Disputes between the insured party and their insurance company as to whether a particular claim is covered.  These matters may also involve disputes in a lawsuit.  Premium disputes occur when the insurance company is entitled to conduct an audit under the terms and conditions of a policy.  These typically involve commercial business liability policies and workers' compensation policies.

Mortgage Foreclosures - Matters  involving disputes between the lender and homeowner when a homeowner is alleged to be in default under the terms and conditions of the mortgage contract/agreement.  These situations may present an opportunity to either restructure the mortgage or otherwise reach an agreement between the parties.

We believe that mediation is efficient, less expensive, and less risky for the resolutions of disputes. A skillful mediator facilitates communication between the parties and explores smart and creative solutions that represent a favorable outcome.  Effective mediation requires a blending of styles, depending on the parties involved and the nature of the dispute.  During the mediation process we urge the parties to constantly rethink their positions, compromise, and put aside personal differences in an effort to reach a favorable outcome.

Negotiations take time and patience and we ask that the parties enter into the mediation with a true desire to reach a settlement, and willingness to move in some direction to achieve the desired results.  We want all parties to come to the mediation prepared to engage in intelligent and meaningful discussion.

We also believe in the importance of fairness and dignity in the process and in the outcome.  The mediator is tasked with helping the parties respect one another's needs and objectives, and to reach a successful conclusion of the matter at hand.